It was around 6 in the afternoon, when my buddy sent me a Youtube link on Steam chat. I thought for a sec it was probably a silly video or something then I clicked on the link. It was actually an announcement of I LOVE ANISONG guest stars. I was preparing for the worst, maybe someone new will show up. Or it may be this certain idol group whom I adore recently. Whatever, I thought. Then I watched the darn video. Eir Aoi and FLOW, still not amused. I was a bit upset when it get to fripSide, why didn't they come to AFAID earlier. GARNiDELiA, the awesome DJ Kazu and LiSA followed. 'Meh, nothing new this year' that was what I thought at the time when May'n was the next one that get announced. I was getting ready to close the tab when suddenly an awfully familiar voice heard in the earphone. Boy, I wasn't prepared. I shouted my lung out, in somewhat combination of excited and fury. It was Yanagi Nagi herself in the flesh. Yanagi Nagi will perform live in AFA Singapore. Fucking hell. It's almost unreal.

Been following her steps since 2009, I have several mixed reaction for this news. I am of course really, really, really glad to see her getting the recognition she deserves. I am enjoying her works and so do the other people out there. Her fanbase is getting bigger day after day. I still remember the time when it was really hard to get ahold of her new doujin single, let alone to see her face. Good 'ol days. Now we can see her live. As big fan of her I cannot get more grateful for the event organizer. However I am also mad, because it looks like I cannot go to Singapore to attend the show even though there's still time to save money. They could've include her in AFAID anisongs artiste but nay, they didn't. Well they'd better invite her again next year to come to Indonesia. I'm sure as hell I'll go even if it costs me an arm and a leg.

Hello and welcome to my (apparently) dead blog! I hope you don't mind with the lack of new post recently. However if you mind, well, the door's right there mofo. Anyway, it's exactly what it says on the title. I'm going to AFAID and nothing you can do can stop me.

This is my first time attending an anime con and probably the last, unless a certain idol group will perform on the next one. Kinda bummer that the artists lineup aren't as excellent as last year. Though recently I've taken a liking to some of Eir's songs. And both Haruna Luna and MARiA are pretty cute I guess, so there's that.

If there is no change of plan, I'll be in Jakarta from 14th until 18th. So yeah, I'm going there all day erryday. See you there and wish me a safe trip!
Goddammit Bird, get your shit together!

So another volume of Oyasumi Punpun has been released by Hox earlier today (or was it yesterday?). I must say this volume has been a bloody wild ride. While last volume was just plainly batshit insane, Asano gave us another emotional rollercoaster this time, just like he did in volume 10.

So Punpun and Aiko are still on the run after what happened in the last volume. Aiko's wound is getting worse and worse, and Punpun is still mentally unstable because of that incident. He even went as far as picking a fight with a guy because of he littered, probably he'd kill that guy if not for Aiko stopping him.

Meanwhile Sachi is getting desperate in search of Punpun. Her searching took her to Punpun's hometown in Fukushima and there she met his dad. After hearing from Punpun's dad about all sort of happening in his past, Sachi is finally determined to be the one who will protect Punpun. A bit late if you ask me.

After this point it will be a spoiler if I tell more but this is where things are starting to take a freefall Not like that saying anything after what happened in Punpun's spiral downward life so far but this time it will likely caught you off guard. I should've known better than to trust Asano. He always hits you when you least expected and rubs the wound with salt afterward. Oh and there's this subplot with Pegasus and co. too, but I doubt you'd care about that.

Anyway, I'd say this is one hell of a penultimate volume. That damned Asano kept toying with our emotion whether we like it or not. This is Punpun after all. There are pure rage, confusion, tears, a slight of hope, only to be crushed by utter despair in this volume. This is where I can't help but to sympathize with Punpun, even though he's now a jerkass psycho and not how he used to be anymore.

If the source is to be trusted, next volume will be the last. I don't think I'll like where this is going but it can't be helped. Will Asano give us the unlikely happy end? Or will he end it in the most despair way possible? Will Punpun able to conquer Planet Punpunia? Only time will tell. See you in the next volume in winter.

I want to get off Mr. Punpun's wild ride
Advent is the final part in the Berserk saga Golden Arc trilogy, in which the infamous Eclipse event took place. Though it is true that this movie is adapted closer to the manga compared to its TV series counterpart, they still cut several contentss due to time constrain, most notably the fight with Bakiraka and Black Dog Knights. Fortunately, this time they didn't mess much with the main plot. That means  we able finally to see Skull Knight in animated form.

The CG, while it looks much better that the previous movies, still managed to distract me sometimes. The rest of the movies is pretty enough, especially the Eclipse part, which successfully able to capture the sheer horror and nightmarish feel of it. This movies is, of course, uncensored. So you'll be able to enjoy it to the fullest, down to the demonic rape part, if you happen to fancy that sort of thing.

If you are somehow only watch the TV series version, and confused as hell with the ending (which ended right in the middle of the hellish part) then you may want to check this movie out. It tells you the aftermath of the Eclipse, about how Guts and Casca able to survive the event, Guts unescapable fate to fight countless demons and his determination to settle score with Griffith. This led to a hint to a possible sequel,The Black Swordman arc which hopefully continue to the Retribution arc.

In the end this movie is very enjoyable as the climax to the Golden Age arc trilogy. Those who like Berserk manga and TV series will be pleased with this finale. I think it's safe to say that the Berserk saga is finally getting the anime treatment it deserves.