Impression: Oyasumi Punpun Volume 12

Goddammit Bird, get your shit together!

So another volume of Oyasumi Punpun has been released by Hox earlier today (or was it yesterday?). I must say this volume has been a bloody wild ride. While last volume was just plainly batshit insane, Asano gave us another emotional rollercoaster this time, just like he did in volume 10.

So Punpun and Aiko are still on the run after what happened in the last volume. Aiko's wound is getting worse and worse, and Punpun is still mentally unstable because of that incident. He even went as far as picking a fight with a guy because of he littered, probably he'd kill that guy if not for Aiko stopping him.

Meanwhile Sachi is getting desperate in search of Punpun. Her searching took her to Punpun's hometown in Fukushima and there she met his dad. After hearing from Punpun's dad about all sort of happening in his past, Sachi is finally determined to be the one who will protect Punpun. A bit late if you ask me.

After this point it will be a spoiler if I tell more but this is where things are starting to take a freefall Not like that saying anything after what happened in Punpun's spiral downward life so far but this time it will likely caught you off guard. I should've known better than to trust Asano. He always hits you when you least expected and rubs the wound with salt afterward. Oh and there's this subplot with Pegasus and co. too, but I doubt you'd care about that.

Anyway, I'd say this is one hell of a penultimate volume. That damned Asano kept toying with our emotion whether we like it or not. This is Punpun after all. There are pure rage, confusion, tears, a slight of hope, only to be crushed by utter despair in this volume. This is where I can't help but to sympathize with Punpun, even though he's now a jerkass psycho and not how he used to be anymore.

If the source is to be trusted, next volume will be the last. I don't think I'll like where this is going but it can't be helped. Will Asano give us the unlikely happy end? Or will he end it in the most despair way possible? Will Punpun able to conquer Planet Punpunia? Only time will tell. See you in the next volume in winter.

I want to get off Mr. Punpun's wild ride


  1. I've read official news that the next volume really is the end.

    I've always thought you were a bit of an M for managing to keep up with this series. But still, you have my respects.

  2. Good Vibrations brothers.

    Well you may say I'm an M for keeping up with this series, though I may also an S for enjoying the torture upon the main character.

  3. I spent most of volume 12 realizing that I no longer love Punpun. Throughout the story, I always wanted the best for Punpun, no matter what mistakes he made...but I had begun to hate him.

    Or, I thought I did, until that scene on the beach. When I saw his old self, I actually broke down crying. That would never have worked if Punpun were drawn realistically.

    I think I care more about Aiko's happiness than I do Punpun's now, where I used to care about them equally. I just want Aiko to have a happy ending.

  4. This manga is just getting more and more depressing. Still I hope Punpun gets a happy ending (however likely that is). I really think he would be happier with Nanjou. Him and Aiko together is just a huge mess, it'll never work. I don't like Aiko so don't care what happens to her.

  5. It's probably too late though. Nothing can save him now except the Afro God.

  6. At this point I just care about Nanjou's happiness. There's really no good ending in sight for anyone else at this point. Nanjou's trip read like those after-incident reports: "Oh, he was such a nice boy. I had no idea he was capable of such a thing."

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