A Certain Blog Update

Haven't blogging for almost a month, I failed as blogger. Sheesh, being a third year student is hard as hell. There are many srs bsns that I must do from now on, oh how I miss my young and free days (that's make me really feel old). So as the final exam getting close I don't have enough time to watching this season anime (well maybe I just marathoning them later when I have much time) and there is little thing that I can blog, so don't expect me to update this blog regularly.

Okay, what I want to tell you about is a light novel I read recently. The title is "Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai" (Phew that sure a mouthful title) which is translated as "There's no way my sister is this cute" by Fushimi Tsukasa. Our main character is a 17 year old, average high school boy, Kousaka Kyousuke. So dude has a younger sister, Kirino, which is attractive and idol-like. On top of that she's a tsundere and cold to her brother. One day they bumped each other and spilled Kirino's bag contents onto the floor. But unknown to Kirino, she leaves behind her thing on the floor to be found out by Kousaka, a DVD on the floor which has anime cover outside but actually an eroge inside, titled "Let's make love to your little sister".

You can read the 1st chapter here, and 2nd chapter here. Chapter 3 fucking where. They're currently work for the translation. Oh yeah, there's also a manga adaptation at mangafox. There only two chapter so far, but i'm sure it will be updated.

Oh well, now I'm hoping this novel will get anime adaptation someday...

(Here some ilustrations i give you. I must admit Kirino is so adorable :3)


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