Ore no Imouto - 01

Yeah, Otou-san's right
ლ(╹◡╹ლ) Finally, the most anticipated anime in this season: Ore no Imouto blah blah (too long). Been waiting for it since... well since I read the light novel course.

(Wait, something is definitely off that picture.. something.. something.. I know! It's the hair color! How the hell the family got different hair color! Oh well it's an anime after all.)

Ahaha this kind of reference that I've been waiting for
This anime, is exceeded my expectation. I kinda satisfied that the studio did a great job turned the light novel into an anime. I gotta say the animation quality is quite badass.

(Hmm Yuuichi Nakamura is using his Tomoya voice, which is a good news. Bad news? No toilet seat cover jokes.)

I like Kyousuke expression when Kirino showed her "collections". It's that kind of expression when my friend saw me watching Tomoki's Johnny in Sora no Otoshimono Forte.

Glad that "Stardust Witch Meruru" made it into Blu-Ray. Probably it's the uncensored version which has more pr0n scenes than the TV-aired version)

What a bold choice ther, mister.

Oh come on. Isn't pink hair common in Japan?

So cute~ MOE LEVEL IS OVER 9000!!!!!!!

Finally !!! A main character that doesn't sit beside the BLOODY WINDOW. Huurahhh ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

Okay, game time! Can you name all the games on the left?

(Kirino's playing Cross Days? Y-you you must be kidding, right?)




  1. Gotta love the animation! Super high quality!!!

  2. Hell yeah, this is what i've been waiting for!

  3. oreimo makes me laugh a lot. xD

  4. I want to comment your sentence about that "hair color" thing. For me, their hair color is quite normal in Japan. Also looks at student at Kyousuke class. Most of them had black and brown.

    Why I can say this normal? Black hair color is for people who didn't need to dye their hair. While brown is usually easy to spot in Japan metropolis, Kirino's blonde hair is a bit unusual. But she is a model, I don't think there is problem. Blonde and brown pretty much normal for me than green or blue hair color.

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