Impression: Oyasumi Punpun Volume 10

Oh Oyasumi Punpun. To think a manga could bring an emotional roller coaster to me every volume. Here is the summary of some things that happened in the latest volume and my initial impression, oh also *SPOILER ALERT*

After what happened in that cliffhanger in the last volume, Punpun finally had his first talk with Aiko since years.  Punpun (still in his Fujikawa Takashi personality) claims that he had been living a normal live as university student (which we know he aren't). Aiko herself told him that she is currently working as a model and that she has a boyfriend who older than her. Punpun can't help but feels that Aiko he knew was different than this Aiko he currently talking to. That the girl isn't the Aiko he knows. Then they planned to meet a few days later, date or some sort.

Punpun, with his Takashi personality, has no trouble to walk and chat with Aiko normally. But deep inside in his mind he he hates the current Aiko. They continue their "date" until night when Punpun suddenly make a move by offering to stay up in a hotel. As I expected, he tries to have sex with Aiko since Punpun is a guy with healthy sexual drive. However Aiko turns him down and leaves him alone in hotel room. Depressed, Punpun goes crazy.

Punpun meets with Sachi's ex-husband in a strange encounter. They had talk for a while (along with Sachi) and from the talk we know that Sachi's ex-husband is a successful person or something. After that talk, Sachi tells Punpun in private that she is pregnant... with her ex-husband child. Since she doesn't want anyone to know this matter she decides to do abortion. She asked Punpun to go to the hospital with her and he agreed quietly. This is the point where he resolutes himself that after he gets his driver license and Sachi's surgery is done, he'll go live somewhere faraway.

The next day, he confesses to Aiko that he was lying all these times. He is not a university student nor he's happy with his life. He also told Aiko that all these years he has been searching for her and the guilt from breaking the promise they had in the childhood still remains with him to this very day. He also explicitly blames her for all the things that go wrong in his life but seeing that she has grown into a well-adjusted person makes him glad that he can meet her once again. Surprisingly Aiko told Punpun that "she has been waiting for him too all this time".

Aiko herself is actually not living the dream like what Punpun believes. Long story short, in the next chapter it is implied that Aiko was constantly abused by her mother. She is also actually working in a small company (some sort of blue collar job) and not working as a model. Oh, poor Aiko. Her life is probably as bad as Punpun's.

Because this summary is getting tl;dr I'm gonna skip to important point. Sachi called Punpun that he is free to decide whether he will accompany her to the hospital or not. Either way she will be waiting for him in front of the station. Suddenly Aiko comes to Punpun apartment. Punpun worries about the bruises on her face and body. She tells him it's okay and maybe because she hears that conversation on the phone she is leaving. Punpun asks her to wait and explains her problem. The it suddenly happens.

Just as the usual. But this time it actually happens. They had sex. Also, Aiko was still a virgin so that kinda destroys all previous theory that she is a slut. After that they talk about going somewhere else and live with just the two of them. Yes, just like their previous promise. Punpun doesn't want to break his promise again so he agrees. They took a taxi and while in the way Punpun catches a glimpse of a young woman on the street.... it was Sachi. Their eyes met and she's crying. Punpun realizes that this is the same situation as before except this one ends with Punpun said "There's no turning back now."

Sorry if the summary above feels really suck. That's mainly because lack of sleep. Okay, so this volume is the shit. THIS THE FUCKING VOLUME MAN. Just a perfect manga I need to read after finishing Now and Then, Here and There last week. Nope, probably not.

I was surprised to see what kind of life Aiko lived all these years. Her world hasn't changed since she was little. Her mother still wasted money on useless fraud stuff except she can't doing anything right now and she is wasting Aiko's money she earned from her part time job. It was indeed a suffering life.

One of the biggest twist in this volume is Sachi got pregnant with her ex's. I mean what the hell. Poor Punpun must be confused. But what if somehow it turns out to be Punpun's child after all? And she decided to keep the child? Damn, Asano will never let me down. That scene at the end of the volume was pretty depressing too. It somehow goes full circle with what happened in the earlier volume What will happened afterward? Too bad we have to wait until October to read the next volume. I'm sure it won't end well. Either Punpun is commiting suicide or...

Last, that was really a wonderful read. Painful as it seems, but still wonderful. Also reading it together with /a/ was a fun experience. I hope the next volume will be as great as this. Though I don't really think I can handle it when the time comes. My body will never ready for another Punpun chapter. Thank you Punpun for the entertaining read, thank you Asano for the brilliant story, thank you based Hox for translating this and thank you /a/ for that great thread.