Obscure Doujin Game: Ib

art by エコー
These recent weeks I have seen the sudden explosion of Ib (pronounced as 'Eve')fanart in Pixiv. Getting curious as usual, I did a little Google browsing and found out that Ib is a horror doujin game made with RPG Maker by a person called kouri. The popularity of this game has finally caught my attention since I get the feeling that this will be another good Yume Nikki clone like .flow or LcdDem (I like these two). Then I played Ib last night and ended up loving it so much.

The story starts when a 9-year old girl named Ib visits an art gallery with her parent. As she wanders around the gallery, she stumbles upon a strange painting when suddenly the light goes out. It only happens in a few second and the light backs. That's when she realizes everyone in the gallery disappears and she is alone. She goes checking out some other paintings and she stops at this certain painting. For some unknown reason she accidentally can enter the painting and trapped in another world, the world of painting.

Well, that's the synopsis for you, I hope you're interested. The gameplay consists of exploring the area and solving puzzles. I can say that Ib is different from Yume Nikki, since it has dialogues and story. The story itself is really nice too. There are some scary stuff here and there that can make you creeped out (well at least for me). As for the puzzles, well, they are hardly confusing at all. I didn't get stuck more than 5 minutes when sloving a puzzle. So I can assume that this game is pretty much can be played even by casual players.

art by ワユカコ
The Japanese indie gaming fandom is really unique. They are very dedicated, you see. For example Yume Nikki or Touhou. You can hardly see any plot or even official character design in Yume Nikki, but there are countless Yume Nikki fanart out there and I've read several fanfiction as well. They are mostly good, especially the fanart. And don't even get me started with Touhou fanbase. That's why I am not really surprised when I browse Pixiv and find out some amazing Ib artwork there. This kind of thing that made me love the game even more. The same reason applied to why I regard Yume Nikki so highly. Before I know it my Ib fanart folder is already reaching around 50 items and still counting as we speak.

Here's some closing words. Ib is an exceptional game. There are moments when I genuinely muttered words "Boy, what a game". I love the characters and the story, even before I finished it. In fact I haven't finished all the endings yet. Yes, there are multiple endings in this game. Pretty amazing when you think that this game is made only by one person using RPG Maker. Once again this is one of the reason why I love indie games in general. Oh right, here you can find download link for Ib. Go play it. I can't recommend it highly enough.

P.S. Garry is not a lolicon


  1. no mention of corpse party;
    son, I am dissapointed

  2. Well, since I haven't play the game so..

    I only read the manga version (and played the demo version on pc).

  3. How is Garry not a lolicon? I see more than just father/daughter or brother/sister relationship... HeeheeheeeheheehehheheahhahahhahahahhHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!