Monday Manga Roundup

Hey. Haven't blogging in a while that I kinda forgot how things work in this blog lol. With the new season started I found it the best to use the great 3-episode rule before blogging any anime. So let's have manga and video game posts for now. Starting with this Monday Manga Roundup which is about about some manga that I just completed in these few weeks. Somehow I managed to finish 3 short manga and a 11-volume manga.

Legend of the Strongest Man Kurosawa
Here's a manga from the renowned mangaka Nobuyuki Fukumoto. While not doing either gambling or mahjong manga, he made this manga about a pathetic old man who got involved in fighting. Reading Kurosawa is like reading a 40-year old man's diary and how your life will be if you keep fucked up everything in your life. It sure teached me some lesson not to live my life like Kurosawa.
Score: 8/10

Yuutai Nova
Ever since I started Aku no Hana I become interested to see the author's other works and hoping to find something even more crazy. So I checked two, one of them is Yuutai Nova. It definitely has an interesting start, dude can do 'spiritual release' in which he turned into a 'ghost' in his sleep. He used the power to stalk his ex-gf only to find out she already has a boyfriend, NTR ensued. But that's not the main issue: he met other people who can do spiritual release just like him and they try to rape an idol. No really.

It definitely has this crazy vibe I'm getting from AnH, mainly because of the MC's facial expression and some twisted relationship of the characters. Unfortunately it all crumbles down at the second volume, ultimately ended up with an axed ending. Still, it's a pretty decent read if you want to check Oshimi Shuuzou's earlier work.
Score: 6/10 (because of the axed ending)

Hailed from the hand of Tsuruta Kenji (Memories of Emanon, Wandering Emanon) comes this beautifully drawn manga. It's a story about a young detective in Venice and some cases surrounding an infamous thief. But the plot isn't all that important. What this manga need is more color pages. Seriously, I love Tsuruta art ever since Emanon which is probably one of the best manga I've ever read. Go read it and this manga.
Score: 8/10

Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou
A borderline-H manga usually only consists of cocktease with some obnoxious story for the purpose of keeping the reader entertained after they finished jacking off. Well this one is no different, except I really like this one so much especially with the sweet vanilla romance. Basically the story goes like this: dude has a childhood friend, they got separated because the girl went to highclass school for rich people because well, her family is rich. Dude worked hard to get scholarship to get accepted into the high school. They finally met but the girl acts cold toward him but nobody else. Due to some magic shit their rooms (they live in dorm) got connected, hilarity ensued. It was found out that she's actually lusting over him for these years and due to the magic (a talking pillow that is actually a god) once in a day she lost her self control for an hour and she reveals her true self.

Excuse my terrible wording, basically the story is like that. It is a very NSFW manga so I won't recommend you reading it at public places. It's only 5 chapters but all of them are satisfying (at least for me). The art is good, the main girl is cute and lewd, the ecchi and story are well-balanced. What's not to like?
Score: 9/10

P.S. This manga constantly made me jelly of the main character. Why can't I be him? Subaru is so damn cute!


  1. I always welcome manga recommendations.

    Thank you.

  2. last manga you've reviewed....another works from okamoto lynn? or not. O_O

  3. Yeah, but it's drawn by different artist.

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