The Awesomeness of GalDeMo


If you read this post I assume you already watch Angel Beats! but if you haven't yet then shame on you man. This show is probably TEH BEZT OF ZA SEASON -aside from Haruhiness-. What makes this show great you ask? Yurippe? Nope. Lia sung the OP? Not really. Yui Makino voicing Yusa? Almost. The real answer is GalDeMo. This is one of the best band in anime since ENOZ and DMC. Not even Houkago Tea Time close to them.
(I decided to use GalDeMo name instead of Girls Dead Monster because it is better that way I think. Girls Dead Monster sounds like the are really dead. Oh wait, they ARE all dead orz)

Okay let's see. Maybe their stage concert not as badass as Krauser-san cs nor as godly as God Knows. But what I enjoy the most is their song. Whether if it Crow Song, Alchemy or My Song, I enjoy sit back and listen to those song. They recently released mini album that -unfortunately- only consist of three songs.

01 - Crow Song
This is the song used in episode 1 when SSS Brigade tried to steal lunch coupon or something along that line. This song has a nice beat and great chorus too. Oh and the guitar solo is really something.

02 - Alchemy
This song is my favorite. The tune is catchier than those in Crow Song. This song along with My Song was used in episode 3.

03 - My Song
Not much instrumental here, just acoustic guitar. I notice the vocal is amazingly high. The song itself is nothing special, but the scene in episode 3 that was actually made this song memorable to me.

Now that Iwasawa has disappeared they probably use different vocalist in next GalDeMo single. Looks like that pink-haired loli (who's her name again? Yui? or Mio?) is gonna be the next vocalist. Well actually I prefer Yusa replace Iwasawa and become GalDeMo vocalist but it just my delusional thought.


  1. This show is probably TEH BEZT OF ZA SEASON -aside from Haruhiness-

    You forgot Rainbow : Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin



  2. Nice reference!
    I'm hearing it now and it's good ^^
    thank you for the link

  3. @Fallendevil
    I watched Rainbow but still stuck in ep1

    you're welcome ^^