K-ON!! Insert Song Single - Pure Pure Heart

01 - Pure Pure Heart
02 - Sakuragaoka Joshikou Tou Kakkou Kouka [Rock Ver.]
03 - Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental)
04 - Sakuragaoka Joshikou Tou Kakkou Kouka [Rock Ver.] (Instrumental)
05 - Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental [-Guitar 1])
06 - Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental [-Guitar 2])
07 - Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental [-Keyboard])
08 - Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental [-Bass])
09 - Pure Pure Heart (Instrumental [-Drum])

Finally, K-ON!! songs that actually not bad. Pure Pure Heart, if I recall correctly, is the insert song played in Episode 7. It's not exaggerating if I say that this song is the same level as Fuwa Fuwa Time. The catchiness is exactly the same. Pure Pure Heart is a catchy song and it had good singing and instrumentals. So just like Fuwa Fuwa Time, Pure Pure Heart is an addicting and enjoyable track.

Sakuragaoka Joshikou Tou Kakkou Kouka is the rock version of the song in the first episode. And just like Tsubasa wo Kudasai, every member of HTT gets her turn to sing. Not bad, not bad at all. Although I think it Tsubasa wo Kudasai is slightly better than this song but overall it's still a decent track.The other tracks from this single are just instrumental version of the two songs above.

Finally, you should give Pure Pure Heart a try and you would be disappointed.

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