Supercell's next single will be in Shippuden

My God. What the hell. WHAT THE HEEEELLLLLL!!
I never thought that possibility exists in the first place. I mean, it's supercell we're talking about. Their work is all masterpiece. To think that this "masterpiece" will appear in a certain-neverending-shonen-shitty-animu makes me despair.

Okay, you think that this is some kind of bad April Fool joke and you want me to prove it huh?
First, April is ages ago. Second there is announcement at ryo's Twitter page. And third, there is news at zotaku. Now you believe me?

Another upcoming supercell single titled “Kocchi Muite Baby / Yellow” will be out 14 July. This single is colaboration between supercell and kz and will be used as theme song of next Hatsune Miku -PROJECT Diva- 2nd game. So, no Nagi this time (sigh).


  1. huh? Why are you raeging? This is great news! - ryo is getting the attention he deserves.

    As for their 7/14 single, I'm sure it's bound to receive awesome quality covers from various vocalists.

  2. No, I'm not mad at all. I'm just, umm upset about this fact.

    And yes, I'm waiting for Kocchi Muite Baby!