Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai gets anime adaptation!

I... I cannot describe this fantastic feeling I have. The light novel that I enjoyed very much, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai will get an anime adaptation!
Yes, I just knew the awesomeness of this light novel about a week ago. I've already read all the translations on Baka Tsuki since then and I even read the summary on Seanver Anime Blog (even though it'd be a spoiler) because I can't wait no longer to know how the story goes. And I must say, this is one hell of an entertaining novel.

Well actually this news is not really a surprise because I know this novel is really popular in Japan and it's only about time this novel will get an anime adaptation. But I actually surprised, because the news came faster than I expected! I mean, it's on the day when I just finished writing this post about the light novel!

I already can see some elitists will critique the anime for being a shitty adaptation and calling it overrated (etc etc), just like what they did to OreImo anime (yes I love that anime). But I know too that some people (for example me) will love this anime to death. Because, yeah the original source itself is amazing. Seeing it in animation form will even better. I heard that they even keep the Drama CD casts for the anime (Kana Hanazawa ftw!). Awesome. Let's hope whoever the animation studio is, it will make a nice adaptation of this novel. Yes, let's hope.

PS. I sense a deja vu. I had this same feeling exactly last year when I heard the news of OreImo anime adaptation.


  1. I guess I should start reading it now.

  2. WTF, after reading this i read it and had a blast. Yuri field awesomeness

  3. Yuri, stalker, and otaku? Sena is awesome.

  4. Chara design for anime ersion is..... a bit ruined, I think.
    My last hope, it isn't studio JC Staff or Xebec that will make this.
    Remember what happen to Shana second season.
    Remember Xebec poor artwork animation.

  5. Aww that sucks. One thing I like from the light novel is the artwork.

    And yes, I really hope the animation studio isn't JC Staff. AIC is fine.