Fresh from TGS 2012


Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney trailer: FUCK. YEAH. I'M JIZZING IN MY PANTS.

This morning I discovered from my Twitter feeds that Tokyo Game Show 2012 started today. Next thing in the feed was a trailer for the most anticipated game in TGS 2012 for me: Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney. I immediately stopped everything I did at that time and started watching it. Words cannot describe how excited I am after watching the trailer.

That animation from BONES. That animated 3D sprites. Those exciting puzzles. That Objection theme. That courtroom. That familiar looking judge. That exaggerated gesture. That trademark pose. I fucking love every bit of that trailer. I need to change my pants.

From the trailer its expected release date is November 29, 2012 and the price tag will be 5,980 Yen. Now all I need is Level 5 and Capcom to confirm western release of this game and I'll buy 3DS right away. Pretty please with cherry on the top.
I'll sell my soul to them just in case.
Next trailer is Ace Attorney 5. Our good 'ol defense attorney in blue suit will make a comeback in this game:

And he's certainly not a hobo.
From the trailer there are two things I wanna ask: since this game chronologically set after Apollo Justice, what happened after the end of AJ? Why is Phoenix returning to the court scene? Will characters from AJ make appearances? Fuck it those are three questions but I do not care.

In his comeback, Nick will be accompanied by new assistant (well sort of) and she certainly doesn't seem like an amateur to me. I hope she will be as entertaining as all the assistants before her (Maya, Ema and Kay) inb4 Trucy is a boring sidekick.
This logo screams "JUSTICE". Don't you feel it?
There's no confirmation of the release date so I guess it's another year of waiting. And again, I hope Capcom doesn't pull another scumbag stunt like they did with Ace Attorney Investigations 2. Please Capcom, don't ruin anymore franchise. I'm still upset about the new Devil May Cry.


  1. I'm still patiently waiting for a western release confirmation of Bravely Default (and Soul Hackers) to buy a 3DS.


    Err, never mind.

  2. Yeah, I'm remotely interested in Bravely Default too. I hope it'll get a western release. Oh, and also Rune Factory 4.