Revisiting Black Mesa

They're waiting for you Gordon. In the test chamber.
I am a scientist on my way to the office in the morning. I'm boarding the tram which will transport me to my research facility. I am quite late, but the tram won't go faster even if I try. I hear the announcer tells something familiar from the speaker in the tram. The tram speeds up and I'm seeing some sceneries of the facility before me. A few minutes passed and I finally arrived. The security guard helps me outta the tram and guides me to the office. Then the scenery from the picture above welcomes me.

Playing Black Mesa: Source revokes some of good old memories of mine. It was a nostalgic trip in the beginning of the game. There were still the same charming scientists I remembered. The announcer voice even almost brought me to tears. And I am still the motherfucking Gordon Freman. Nothing is more satisfying than that.

I like it when these two showed up as a cameo.
Half Life and Half Life 2 are by far still my favorite PC games ever. You couldn't imagine how happy I was when somebody said they want to remake the first Half Life in Source engine. After a few teaser screenshots and even a trailer with the release date at the end of it (it was 2010 I believe), the project soon was never heard again. Every fans and I came to despair for years. Then in 2012 the project seems alive again and finally it was released on September. Holy shit, I thought, I never imagine it would be released before Half Life 3!

I played it for hours last weekend and it was indeed as great as I expected. They tweaked a few things that made it a bit (just a bit) different from the original but I am generally okay with that. The dev team still did one hell of a good job overall. So far I am really satisfied with Black Mesa Source.

Meet our old and trusty friend, the crowbar.
I'm now still on my way to finish this game and I'm gonna savor this experience while it last. Everything is still the same as I remember. The combat and music are amazing. I'm sure this is one of the best Source mod ever if not one of the best mod overall. Once again, prop to the dev team. I hope they can finish Xen level soon. (spoiler: they didn't include it yet. Yep it's technically still "unfinished")

Well, that's it for this impression/review thingy. Regarding of the new season anime I hope I can write about them soon. Also, I feel guilty for posting very rarely nowadays. I guess I'm hitting the writer's block or I'm just lazy in general. Kay, see ya in the next post, if there ever any of it.

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