What Was That?

Hahaha oh wow. So basically all these times Kodaka was just pretending to be a dense motherfucker. He knew all along that those girls are trying to get into his pants. Now, normally I would be mad as hell but somehow I feel for this guy. I might be understand why he acted like that. I mean, if he choose a girl the foundation of Neighbor Club would crumble and I don't think he wants that to happen so yeah I think it's for the best. Still, there's still a probabililty that somehow a girl would end up with him and all we can do is waiting for the next two episodes.

By the way... I can't be the only one that notices how Rika is getting a lot cuter in S2 right? I even think that I might made a wrong choice by choosing Sena as my favorite Haganai (yeah, yeah I'm a Meat-fag). Rika's character is getting a well development in S2 and that makes her a lot better than other Haganai girls in my eyes. Though I don't really dig her changing her hair every damn episode. Just stick with above pic or this one:
Arrgh no good no good. I'm still a Sena fan at heart no matter what you guys said about her. 肉4life!

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