Don't Watch Anime Called Boku

Finally Haganai NEXT ended. I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the second season as much as the first. It's basically the same mindless fun, no more no less. There's some noticeable character development, mainly with Rika. She's like a very different person she was in the first season. Oh there's also some "shocking" revelations with Yukimura and later Sena. New characters are quite nice addition to the already colorful cast too.

I had a little bit issue with Kodaka because of his denseness in some episode. It's fine for the first time but hearing him keep saying "Eh, what was that?" over and over again were getting really annoying real fast. Though it was later revealed why he acted like that. The end episode provides a bit hint for what the season 3 will probably about, if there is any (crossing my finger!).

Yeah, getting another season won't hurt. Maybe Rika will help Kodaka to achieve his harem ending which he dreamed of, a la To-Love-Ru Darkness. Or maybe Kodaka will man up and choose one of the girls, though I doubt that probability. Or maybe it'll be the usual harem shenanigans in which there's no change in tone from the previous seasons. Or maybe there will be no more Haganai. We don't know yet. Anyway, I enjoy this second season wholeheartedly. Though I usually never really like the genre, I have a soft spot for Haganai ever since I discovered the light novel two years ago. Holyshit, it's been two years? What am I doing with my life?

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