Yamakan saving the industry...

...one short anime at a time.
I didn't know what to expect when I downloaded Blossom, a random entry that suddenly appeared on Nyaa when I was looking for some anime to pirate. So I immediately watched it and I was struck in awe at how good it is, regardless its short runtime. The animation style reminds me of Hourou Musuko and Usagi Drop, which I really adore. The story isn't really mindblowing or anything but it sure is heartwarming and gave me a bit feels. Then I found out at the credit that it was directed by none other than our dear Lord Yamakan the Savior. My mouth was left hanging, as I didn't know how I should react to that. If only he uses his great talent like this more often instead of doing some unimportant job. Sigh...

(Oh yeah, not really related but fuck it. Apparently Teekyuu is getting a second season. YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAWWWW)

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