Panzer Vor!

Girls und Panzer was such a goddamn good treat, I kid you not. When I first heard about it I had my share of doubt like most of any sane person would. I mean, the premise sounds silly. However you can bet your own ass that Japan can turn any kind of silly premise into a wonderful thing. Girls und Panzer is one hell of a wonderful thing. Every episode packed a punch, especially the latter episodes. The pacing is superb. The battles are awesome and I can learn a thing or two about tanks in  the most fun way, even though I'm not a military freak type. The final battle is especially one of the coolest moment in anime that include tanks.

You think moe and tanks cannot be combined? Well think again, kiddo. Ever see a tank doing MULTI-TRACK DRIFTING? In this anime you can. Oh what's that, you want moe Commie girls singing Russian wartime song while riding a T-34 (CMIIW)? Look no further than this anime. You like both playing World of Tanks and watching Chinese Cartoon? Good, this anime is for you then! Everyone can be pleased. Only in Girls und Panzer.

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