Bioshock Infinite: A Quick Final Impression

Alright I'm going to keep this short. Bioshock Infinite has one of the most interesting world in video games that comes to my mind recently. In this day and age where "realistic" setting in video games is considered as the most popular choice, the imaginative city of Columbia is such a treat for me. Yeah, the intro for Rapture in Bioshock was cool and all but there's nothing like breathing the fresh air and seeing that beautiful sky filled with floating monuments.

But that's not all. The gameplay is almost pretty much the same as the first game, you got weapons and this special powers. Then you proceed to shoot everythings that moves. Simple. And the story. Oooh. The main theme is 'infinite universe' but there are many things beyond that but I don't want to spoil the fun. Also the ending left me shocked, both in awe and confuse.

Bioshock Infinite is the game that I hyped for a long time since Bioshock is one of my favorite modern game. Finally playing it gave me this sense of unrealism. It's like I'm playing that game from my dream. Well, turned out it wasn't as brilliant as I expected but nevertheless it's pretty exciting to play. I can't wait for Bioshock whatever that's gonna be released next. I hope it will bring another interesting setting to explore.


  1. Disappointed it's not horror.
    But still wanna play nevertheless.

  2. Yeah for most part the whole creepy atmosphere from Bioshock 1 is gone which is shame.