Our Live, Your Life

The show was over, I went home with a satisfied face. Yep, Love Live was one big surprise for me last season. I was expecting a bland idol anime that only exist as a promotion for the CD and Love Live other goodies but instead I was entertained by the characters and the story. I wasn't a long time Love Live School Idol Project fan. I was introduced to this idol group when they released their fourth PV. I listened their songs from time to time but that is all. This anime actually made me want to collect Love Live merchandise. So I say this anime is a success.

I rarely seen anime where I love and adore all the characters but Love Live is sure as hell one of those anime. There is literary no character that annoys me, well maybe Nico sometimes but even she has some redeeming features that I like. The rest of cast are also great, with Nozomi as my favorite idol in the show. Another surprise for me is how the characters presented differently in anime compared to how I thought they're gonna be when I watched the singles PV. It's a nice way to keep me watching this anime every week.

As much as I want a second season to happen, I don't think the story can be stretched for another season. So unless Sunrise is going to milk this franchise further I'll be fine with how the anime ended. An half-assed written story for the second season will just ruin the miracle of this anime. Honestly I'm sad to see this anime ends because 13 weeks just passed by quickly, but every good things must come to an end.

Thank you Love Live and μ's for all the fun! I hope we will meet again someday, someday of my life!

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