Dantalian no Shoka First Episode Impression



Dantalian no Shoka is the newest anime from Gainax after Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt that was aired during fall last year. It is adapted from a light novel with the same name. In case you're interested with the novel, there are several traslated chapters in Baka-Tsuki. The novel was told in stand-alone style, so every chapter can be read without a certain order.

I'm not very sure what the story is about, so I will keep it brief. The main protagonist is Huey, who's so far not an annoying type. He encountered a strange girl named Dalian. And then their adventure began... or something along that line, I'm not so sure because I was sleepy as I watched this. One thing that I notice, the animation is not very impressive. It was okay at times, but in general this is not what I expect from Gainax.

Oh yeah, this show has a very unusual creepy ED, which creeps the fuck out of me because I was watching this during midnight:

So uh, I'll keep watching this for several episodes hoping Gainax will work their magic.

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