Usagi Drop 03

Hey looks! It's my favorite chapter and now it's animated!
Another heartwarming episode. Hell, maybe every episode will be a heartwarming one because Usagi Drop is that kind of feels good anime. I can't complaint anything at all. And yeah, Rin is finally moving to another nursery. Looks like next episode we finally get to see Kouki-kun. And his hot mom yeaaaaaaaaaah.

Well nothing more to say here because you either already watched the episode or you don't even care a bit about this show (which you probably shouldn't). This wasn't intended to be an episodic review or some sort btw. This is more like my two cents about an episode so I should keep it short.

PS: The last chapter of the manga was finally translated and just as I thought, the ending was... quite unexpected. Ah hell, now I can't watch this show in the same way again. But still, I haven't lost my faith with this anime because it's the best anime of the season so far (along with Penguindrum of course).


  1. I guess i won't spoil my self with manga, in case the anime stray away from manga I can read the manga after this :3

  2. Ah yeah. I guess I won't recommend anyone to read the manga, at least until the anime finished aired

  3. Is there any hope that teh anime will follow manga closely?

  4. I think it will follow the manga closely, but noitaminA anime usually has only 11 episodes so I don't think it will get into timeskip arc (thank God)