Usagi Drop 01

I've been anticipating this anime since they announce the adaptation plan and I've read all the scanlated manga so far. To tell you the truth, it's worth it. The animation is pretty good, not too exceptional but still beautiful. The first episode is cute and heartwarming. Even though it's a bit different from the first chapter (well they skipped some parts) but it's still stay true to the manga which means a good thing. Can't wait for more adorable Rin and badass Daikichi interaction (and Kouki!). Oh I also recommended you to read the manga. It's pretty good (yeah, until the time skip arc and controversial ending ugh).


  1. Err, is the ending controversial?
    I'm considering watching this. But if the ending's not to my liking...

  2. Don't worry, it's safe to assume that the anime won't reach the manga ending. The manga has 9 volumes so I predict the anime only adapting till volume 3 or 4.

    The manga is great, until volume 5 which went downhill in the later volumes.