Berserk Movie: Golden Age Arc I

I've heard all kind of insults about the new Berserk movie, so when I finally had chance to watch it I didn't allow myself to be get excited too much. But honestly it wasn't that bad. Sure the CG is annoying as hell. I mean, can't we get it animated normally like any other anime did? However other than that, the movie is quite beautiful. I ended up taking too many screenshots instead of paying attention much to the movie. Well, the story is exactly the same with the manga bar some little details (well, actually there's some cut here and there). So other than being pretty, it didn't really worth your time. I've read the Golden Age Arc countless times so the story isn't what I'm looking for.

Berserk is one of my favorite manga so it's kinda frustrating that it never gets the anime it deserves. But let's throw the negative way of thinking. Probably the rest movies from this trilogy will get better. And I fucking hope they won't cut it halfway during the Eclipse part again like in the anime series. They'd better be not messing with that scene because I want to watch that rage of thousand burning suns from Guts.

Long story short, if you want to watch this movie and expecting something great, don't get too excited and prepare to be disappointed. You'll probably enjoy it though, but you'll still think there's something wrong. You can feel it however you cannot point out directly what exactly it is. For me, at least the movie isn't boring. At least it tried.

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