Genre Shift ?

Finally Medaka Box getting into the ridiculous part that I love. A little too late I think, considering only two episodes left before it ends. But maybe Gainax already planned the second season ahead, who knows. Probably those who watch this show without knowledge about the manga will confuse as hell with this sudden genre shift. Well, let me tell you that this is the true form of Medaka Box: (borrowing Nisioisin's term) a gakuen inoue batoru manga a.k.a campus superpower battle. If you expect anything else, be ready to be upset. But if you a person like me who enjoy an over-the-top superpower fight, get ready in your seat and enjoy the show (and preferably the manga). An advice: never take its plot too seriously.


  1. It took nine episodes to get to this point, but when it finally got there, it was really worth it. I hope it'll keep this interesting if it does get a second season.

  2. I'm one of the people who initially quite confused by the genre shifting in this series. Since I have not read the manga, but I think the shift in this series quite interesting to watch.

    Especially when Medaka transformed into War God Mode!!!

  3. Haha yes, I once also thought this series was only about Medaka and co. doing the usual student council stuff until the end but then suddenly it's become martial art.