Happy Birthday to Nagi (and 100k milestone)

That time of the year has come again. Yesterday (May 31st), my favorite singer/doujin singer/former utattemita Yanagi Nagi celebrated her 25th birthday. I must say this year has been a great year for her singing career. Even though she isn't used as vocalist for supercell again after the last supercell album last year, she managed to go solo and signed contract to Geneon. She made her solo debut with Vidro Moyou which released on February 29 and it is used as Ano Natsu ED theme. That song is quite nice and I love it. A month later, her album collaboration with Jun Maeda Owari no Hoshi no Love Song was released on 25th. I can't be more happier, since Maeda's arrangement is one of my favorite. And the more recent, she's also singing the ED for Jormungand which also become her second single Ambivalentidea. It'll be released on June 6th. Other than those, her doujin career is still going strong. She's still doing stuff with circles such as PolyphonicBranch, Voltage of Imagination, Project ALCA, Last Note, and many more. Her duet group with Annabel, binaria is still awesome as ever too. I just hope her singing career will be getting more and more acknowledge. Oh yeah, she is actually had several solo live concerts sometimes but there's not much publication for those concerts, unfortunately. One of my wish is that maybe one day there's another supercell feat nagi single or album... and maybe even a big live concert too. A man can dream. Well, happy birthday Yanagi Nagi-sama! I wish you another wonderful year! May your voice stays lovely!

100k Milestone
Unrelated to the previous paragraph but I decided to write it here just because. A few days ago my blog hit 100000 views. Maybe you won't care but for me it's really important. I'm glad to see people read my blog, regardless they like it or not. Either way, thank you very much for visiting (and maybe reading a bit) this blog. You guys stay awesome and healthy!