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The other day I just completed the 3rd season of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. The third part of this series contains of 32 episodes which spans from episode 55 to 86. I have to admit it completely blew my mind just like its two previous seasons. I will write my impression here. Proceed with caution because there will be SPOILERS.

One of my first reaction is that it started off relatively slow, different from the previous seasons. If you come to expect glorious spaceship battles which one of the strong point of this show, be prepared to hold your patience. Most of the preceeding episodes were focused on political stuff and likes. The first big battle didn't occur until halfway through the show, that was episode 70-ish. Though this is pretty understandable, because the climax of the 2nd season is the peace treaty between the Empire and the Alliance. 

So the first few episode told about how Reinhard (with fabulous long hair) as the new Kaiser handled most of his Empire political issues. On Yang's side, following his retirement he didn't get enough freedom he had expected. The Alliance government kept snuffing around his life and didn't even give him a rest. Julian also got the spotlight he deserved. He, with several friends, went through journey to Earth to collect some information on Earth Cult.

There were also several minor plot such as Reuenthal's scandal, the relationship between Schenkopp and his (hot) daughter, how Reinhard needs to find a wife and Reinhard's sickness. I assume all of these plot points wiill somehow related to the next and final season. Oh yeah, in this season we must bid our farewell to one of the most important character in this series. There are also innumerable losses in both sides, which included some likeable characters.

Like usual, there is never a dull moment in this show. All of the episodes are always either entertaining enough, thought provoking, or both. There are always shocking twists in almost all of the episodes. I cannot argue that my favorite episode is the one which has spaceship battle in it. Even though this season of LOGH lacks of space battle in term of quantity but it makes up in quality.

That being said, I am now certain that Legend of Galactic Heroes is really a masterpiece. And I don't even have to finish the show to say that. Now that it only has around 24 episodes more to finish, I think I need to take a break from this show a little to savor more of glorious episodes ahead. Sieg Kaiser!

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