The Secret Devil-chan (because everything is better with a p0n0s)

You may gaze upon this beautiful visage. Done? Good, because I'm about to tell you about a manga featuring the beauty above.

The manga starts with a fairly common scene, MC summoned a succubus to help him get ridden of his virginity. How lucky! I mean, who wouldn't want to lose his virginity to a devil! Anyway, the succubus he summoned was pretty cute and he was waiting eagerly to start the, uhm, ritual. Then here's come the interesting twist: the cute devil is actually a boy! You think that only makes MC more looking forward to do it, well you're wrong.

The pact between MC and the devil already made, but because he refused to fullfil his contract with the devil, the devil won't leave him alone. The rest of the manga is about how the devil wants to get into MC's pants. Hilarity ensues. Just imagine this as the reverse of what happens in My Balls except the devil is a boy. Daga otoko da! Well, there's actually nothing wrong with wanting to bone a cute trap. Because everything is better with a p0n0s.