Ryuushika Ryuushika

Okay, here I go with more mango recommendation. Hailed from the hands of the mighty Yoshitoshi ABe, comes Ryuushika Ryuushika. The best way to describe this manga is "It's like Yotsuba except it's Yotsuba on drugs". Seriously.

I don't know about you, but personally I enjoy this more than Yotsubato. Maybe it's because of ABe influence on me. Maybe because of its beautiful full-color pages. Maybe because of Ryuushika is just an awesome character.

Might as well telling you that I'm a big fan of ABe's artwork. From Haibane Renmei to Lain to Texhnolyze. I love this guy's art.

Anyway if you like Yotsubato or other "little girls doing little girls things" manga you'll pretty much like Ryuushika Ryuushika. Go grab it at /a/non scanlations who is doing other cool manga such as Appergio of Blue Steel and 7O3X.


  1. Reading this too?
    It is Abe after all.

  2. Yeah, can't miss out his work brah.