And so, the adventure of life goes on

Whoa, Star Driver was amazing... no seriously. I'm actually happy that this show finally ends. I was able to enjoy this show to the fullest only because I never took it too seriously. How could I took Star Driver seriously if the words like libido, Galactic Pretty Boy, and IT'S A PIIINCHI were thrown randomly into the show? (and for God's sake, this blog made it even worse with all the SILAU-MAN stuffs, nice job kai-san). But that what it means by watching anime for fun. You can shuts your brain and enjoy it without too much thinking. Just enjoy all the hilarious moments in it.

Sometimes I feel that Star Driver has grown on me. I like all the random stuffs the characters were doing and of course, the battles. The battles were all great, by any means. One main problem is everything was solved by a single attack that came up from nowhere. Even the final battle was finished by a single punch from Tauburn. But like I said earlier, don't think too much.

Now with the technical stuffs. The animation is a top notch. As expected from BONES. All the Cybodies were beautifully animated. And don't forget the Zero Time. The soundtrack is great too. And special mention goes to the insert song. I like all the insert songs in Star Driver which were played during the battle, especially Monochrome.

Last but not least, I approved Star Driver as one of those anime that you should watch, even if just for the lulz. It is obviously not the best anime out there. Its plot needed a lot work and the ending was left a lot more questions but man listen to me for a sec, IT'S FABULOUS. Okay I shall take my leave now, stay classy folks and... (< ゝω・)☆ KIRABOSHI!


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