Steins;Gate 02 - Wait she's a what ?

I have come to a rather a bit too early conclusion: Steins;Gate is an awesome anime. Let's take a look on the latest episode.

Just two episodes are enough to make me completely fall in love with this chick.

A reference to a certain tsundere animu? Approved.

IGIARI!! That shout-out! That posture!

(ETA until Phoenix Wright anime with Mamoru Miyano as Nick and Kana Hanazawa as Maya? We'll never have it ;_;)

 Ahh another cute girl appears. This show is getting better and bett-


Excuse me what did you say?

(Damn, cannot resist not to use that Battler pic)
There goes the cute miko is a 'he'.

Steins;Gate kept me entertained during the whole episode. I'm absolutely can't wait for the next episode.

PS: I know it there has to be a Chekhov's Gun trope somewhere in this anime.
PPS: I don't care about the noticeable art changes from the source material. They're both good after all (though I prefer huke's).