New nagi's stuffs for M3-27

Hoo-ray! Moar nagi's stuffs incoming for this spring M3 doujin music event! You can visit M3 homepage for more information.

CorLeonis - Hyouka

First we have CorLeonis (nagi's solo circle) new maxi single. It will be titled Hyouka. It consists of 5 tracks. It produced by nagi herself. There's a demo you can listen in the official site.

binaria - Nachtflug

Next we have the duet project of nagi and Annabel, binaria. They will be releasing a new single Nachtflug (which is from my poor German knowledge I know it translated as "Night Flight"). It consists of (sadly) only 3 tracks. You can listen to the track samples from the site.

PolyphonicBranch - The Blue Album

Last, here we have my favorite doujin circle, PolyphonicBranch. I love PolyphonicBranch because they always pull an all-star casts for each album. This time we have: Hana (Usa), Chata, kikuyo, Yanagi Nagi, and Yurica (Hanatan). You can listen to the sample here (of course you need to have an account). By the way there is a counterpart The Red Album which sung by several male famous nico nico singers (sadly no clear).

Some other releases that I actually care are Annabel's ignis, Corky Voce's Kizuna, and Asriel's new single

thanks to ~natsunee and the usual Nakidori no Rakuen for the info.

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