Infinite Shitratos

Derp, the only girl in this show that doesn't suck
 Last night I decided to watch Infinite Stratos after hours of brainstorming about whether I'm gonna finish this show or not. So, now I'm gonna tell you what I thought about it.

Actually I didn't have this show in my watchlist for spring season. The premise of this anime is really uninteresting one. It sounded too unoriginal. I couldn't though a reason why I should watch it. But yet everyone is bitching about this show and how the girls in this anime are really cute so I though I couldn't turn blind on it. It was hwever, turned out to be one of my dumbest decision ever.

Now I'm regretting every minutes I wasted on watching IS. I already knew that this show isn't worth watching at all but still I don't have any plan on Saturday night so why not.. is what I thought when I decided to watch it. But I never thought it would be THAT bad. The characters are all bland and dumb. I'm sure every single person in this show has an IQ lower than 90. Everytime I see the girls try to get Ichika into their pantsu somehow made me very annoyed and I ended up tearing my hair and screaming.

The idea about only little girl can pilots an IS is really retarded IMO. Then you have 15 year old girls that act like sluts in every episode. I really can't bear watching it yet I couldn't stop because it would be a waste if I stop at that point. And last, the final episode is just plainly stupid that I want to punch my monitor through the episode. I could go on and on telling you several more reasons of how bad Infinite Stratos is, but it's getting late so I'll stop right here.

Here is the summary: There isn't a single likeable character in IS. The plot is hollow, non existent. I still don't even know why I could finish the show. The only good thing I could remember is the amount of fanservice. To put it simply, IS is one of the worst anime I've ever watch in my life.

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