Haiyore Nyaruko-san 01

So, a show about Cthulhu Myths deities depicted as kawaii uguu girls? Japan has outdone themselves once again. And I am sure as hell Lovecraft is spinning in his grave right now.

I admit, this is a cliche anime. MC meets strange girl, girl saves MC from monsters, girl becomes transfer student at MC's school, etc etc. But I don't mind. The first ep was certainly entertaining enough for me to blog the show for the rest of season.

Meet Nyarlathotep, also known as the Crawling Chaos, along with the generic male lead #21753. I've never get familiar with Cthulhu Mythos since I've never read any Loveraft's works (only know them from some video games) but the last time I checked Nyarlathotep was a guy and he's scary. Since this is anime, where anything can happens, Nyarlathotep is now a moe girl with silver hair which certainly is not one of my fetish because I don't like silver haired female characters. And god, dem zettai ryouiki. Certainly not arousing at all.

I think I'm gonna like this show as a guilty pleasure. Also it has comedy. Think it as the filler of my comedy slot for this season which was left by Nichibros.


  1. Despite the stupid plot this anime is actually quite entertaining! And nyarlohotep is certainly cute! And yea, I do have a thing for silver haied girls. :P

  2. Plot? What is this plot you speak of? :p

  3. "It's only illegal if you get caught", LOLLLLLLL