Spring 2012 Anime Preview


Too lazy to upload that huge-ass chart. Look for it yourself.

Anyway, this my watchlist for next season along with the main reason why I want to watch it.

Gonna watch:
Fate Zero 2 (April 7th) - Because I read the novel and it kicked ass
Space Bros (April 1st) - Because I read the manga
Hyouka (April 14th) - Because it's by KyoAni
Tsuritama (April 13th) - Because it's by Kenji Nakamura

Gonna check:
Sankarea - Because I read the manga
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia (April 8th) - Because I read the manga
Mysterious Girlfriend X (April 8th) - Because I read the manga
Medaka Box (April 4th) - Because I read the manga
Accel World (April 6th) - Because I read the manga
Zetman (April 2nd) - Because I read the manga
Jormungand (April 11th) - Because I read the manga
Sakamichi no Apollon (April 13th) - Because it's about jazz
Nyaruko-san (April 10th) - Best anime of Spring 2012, the rest can go home

Hah, now you must be thinking those reasons are stupid, right? Indeed it is stupid. Mainly I want to watch them because I read the source materials and I want to know how well they will be adapted to anime. That's all.

I read Fate Zero novel not long after the first part finished airing. My mind was blown. It betrayed my prediction about how it will end. Believe me, the second part of the anime will be more awesome than the first.

Space Bros is about motherfucking bros..... IN SPACE! I wrote about the manga back then. I alos informed that the adaptation will run about 48+ episodes. Wow. The last time a seinen anime run that long was... Monster I guess?

Hyouka will be the return of KyoAni after being absent last season while Tsuritama will be the return of my long time favorite director, Kenji Nakamura. The dude behind the fabulous Mononoke and Trapeze. Oh and he kinda did C last year too. Which was not bad but not too good either.

Sankarea is about moe zombie. I've followed the manga since it was first released so I'm kinda attached to it. It's the same with Tasogare Otome x Amnesia manga. Except it's about ghost.

Mysterious Girlfriend X is, well, a rather bizzare manga. When a friend of mine introduced this manga to me back then in high school, I was surprised with how entertaining the manga is. On the other hand, Medaka Box manga is kinda suck. I dropped it not long ago but since it is adapted by Gainax I want to see how it will turned out.

People call Accel World Guilty Crown v2, I don't think so. Trust me, it's not as bad as that shit. Zetman manga was written by Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl Ai, I"s) whose art is really wonderful. Seriously, I read the manga purely for the art. Jormungand is kinda like Black Lagoon, except a bit boring (at least for me).

Sakamichi no Apollon brings us back the collaboration between Sinichiro Watanabe and Yoko Kanno, also known as the Bebop team. It based on award winning manga about jazz or something so I expect something good. And last, Haiyoru Nyaruko-san is the best anime of Spring 2012:




\(・ω・)/Let's にゃー!


  1. Tanks bro. Found a good list.

  2. "The Fate/ Zero second part will be more awesome than the first", seriously? you made me very curious, minoru >_<

    After watching the first episode of Space Brothers, I was immediately interested with this series. 48+ episode? gonna be a long run series.

    Okay,here's my list:
    - Space Brothers
    - Accel World
    - Fate Zero 2nd season
    - Hyouka
    - Sankarea
    - Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
    - Natsuiro Kiseki
    - Upotte!!

  3. Yes it will. More battles and magic and Saber in motorcycle and Broskandar and Kayneth.

    Umm, actually it's exactly 48 episodes, not 48+
    >Natsuiro Kiseki
    Slice of life by Seiji Mizushima (FMA,Hanamaru Kindergarten) might be cool. Gonna check a few eps.


  4. Damn, are you serious about Saber in motorcycle? that's gonna be awesome.

    Arrrgggh, you made me f*ckin curious, minoru!!!

    Btw, as I recall I have left comment on your Space Brothers episode 1. But, it seems blogspot consider it as a spam comment. Check your spam comments, please >,<

  5. That's not the only awesome thing about FZ2, find out more later :D

    Oh yeah, I just noticed that. Don't worry I already marked it as not spam.

  6. on the first glance Uchuu Kyodai is look like a sketchy anime, but i was wrong. it's a great anime. very motivating though. :D

  7. Indeed. There's rarely an anime about wanting to become astronaut.