Persona 4 The Animation 25 (End)

Being a Purse Owner is suffering.

So it ended in a surprisingly decent way, with a satisfying final battle. It might seem to be a deus ex machina but I'm not complaining or anything, since the show as a whole is pretty good. The final battle versus Ameno-sagiri only lasted a few minutes but it was the fusion scene that made me excited. That music when Brotag summoned Lucifer was really emotional, I'm certainly waiting for the soundtrack.

They decided to do the normal ending but you shall not worry because the true end will be animated too as a special episode. The bad news is we have to wait until August. I hope it will be awesome and not just some half-assed job.

Overall, P4 The Animation is a pretty nice watch. It's just me but I think the anime only accessible for the people who play the game. Or at least it makes more sense if you play the game. I must say AIC did a good job at this, even if sometimes the animation is kinda weird. It is also one of the best video game to anime adaptation to date. One of these days I'm dreaming about the possibility of the other games in the series to be animated. Someday, maybe.

Also, Nanako end best end.

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