Mirai Nikki 25

While it certainly wasn't a bad episode at all, the animation in this episode was awful. So much QUALITY all over the scenes. I spent most of the time laughing at Murmur's derp face and the lolfighting scenes. The music however, was still good as usual. Especially that piano track that played during the scene in the school. The plot itself... well, at this point we're gonna accept whatever the show threw at us. Sometimes I do realize that the plot in Mirai Nikki isn't better than Guilty Crown. But at least Mirai Nikki is enjoyable (albeit in a wrong way) whilst Guilty Crown isn't. That's a big difference for me.


  1. I liked the way the ending was done in the TV season. The way it's only hinted at how Yuuno comes instead of the HAMMER left a mysterious feeling rather than a WTF impression.

    To be honest The sense of mystery behind the anime ending was done ALOT better than the utterly disappointing ending that the manga decided to show. Sometimes things left off as a mystery just seems to trigger a better impact.

  2. lol the SPACE HAMMER is missing

    I agree, they decided to make the ending a bit "open". That's pretty nice directing.