My Favorite H Mangaka

Well, I read Psycho's post and it looks kinda fun to write so I make my own list. Here's the list of my favorit H mangaka:

Kisaragi Gunma
My favorite doujinka forever. I love every lines of his drawing, as he is the master of creating cute girls in every one of his works. This man here will be a legend soon.

Takeda Hiromitsu
His works are pretty nasty, but I love his art. Especially dem ahegao.

No, not Gabriel Tosh, that terran spectre from Starcraft II. Tosh has some funny works to date, enough to make me smiling while fapping enjoying his beautiful art.

To tell you the truth, I don't really find Cuvie's artwork to be special. It is the story that I like from him rather than the drawing. Sometimes his works are vanilla but more often than not there are some heartbreaking stories in his doujin.

One of two of my favorite vanilla doujinka. His works are often cute and heartwarming.

Originally this spot was reserved for Homunculus but recently I took a liking to Napata whose vanilla works are amazing. Just look at that artwork.

Naoshi Onizuka
If you are a lolicon and a fan of incest, look no further than Onizuka Naoshi's works. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Shiwasu no Okina
Great for shit and giggles. Seriously, I laugh way harder when reading his works than when reading "It's Not My Fault That I'm Not Popular".

Those are some of my favorite H mangaka. There are more actually, like Shunjyo Shusuke, Yamatogawa, Shinden Akira, Sameda Koban, Kensoh Ogawa and many more. But I don't think I need to list all of them, do I?