Hotarubi no Mori e

Let's keep it short: Hotarubi no Mori e is a very nice movie. It's sweet and heartwarming. If you like romance anime but tired of the usual misunderstanding cliche, try this short movie instead.

This 45-minute movie is about a relationship between human and youkai. The girl (human) met the boy (youkai) in a forest at summer. The catch is, the youkai can't be touched by human or he will disappear.

I find the story quite simple yet it is so charming. The art isn't particularly spectacular. It's down to earth, fitting with the theme of the movie. The music is relaxing, again, fitting with the atmosphere.

The manga version came from the same author who did Natsume Yuujinchou so it got the same vibe as Natsume.

Personally I like this movie quite a lot. Perhaps it's because I rarely find a good short anime movie nowadays. Hotarubi no Morie e is the kind of anime you'd recommend to anyone regardless of their age, gender or whether they like anime or not. You can watch it with your friends, lover, family or you can just watch it alone like me ;__;


  1. The story itself is perfect for a romance. Thanks for reccomending minoru. I will give this one a try

  2. dunno about this one, but i guess i know some people who'll love it.

  3. i love the movie it soo sweet ^^ and i love the way it ended, it's not the clichee ending you always have

  4. i so love this movie ~^O^~

  5. this is the best short anime ive ever seen <3

  6. This movie is so great. Honestly, I cried so much when i saw Gin disapeared. But after all, I realized how beautiful the love is. They can't even touch each other to confirm other one existence but they still deep in love with each other.