Nisemonogatari 11 (End)

My favorite girl that got so little screentime :(
Nisemonogatari is probably the most memorable anime of the season, or even of the year. That's for me, at least. There's just so many things I remember fondly about this anime. From the first episode until the last. From the episode where Hitagi abused Araragi, Araragi molested Hachikuji, the lovely Hanekawa, the Fire Sisters, loli bathing and of course, the toothbrush episode. Though I must admit the ending episode isn't as beautiful and memorable as the 12th episode of Bakemonogatari (yes, I count that as the last episode.)

Araragi got what he deserved after what he had done during all of the episodes
This closing episode, at least, has some action instead of talking the way out of the conflict like in the end of Karen Bee. So we got this sense of closure. One of the surprise is that we get to see teen version of Shinobu! I like it better than the adult version or loli version. We've yet to see the story behind Shinobu and her connection with Araragi. Save that for Kizumonogatari movie (coming soon in summer!) or better read the novel.

Another surprise is that the episode ended the way it should be, contrary to my previous belief that Nisemonogatari would also have special webcast episodes. Now that I think about it carefully, the problems in Nisemonogatari can be solved just in 3 or 4 episodes. No really. You know what makes it looks longer? Fanservice.

He kissed his (not real) sister. Another reason why I want to beat Araragi.
Hmm what more can I say about the fanservice? We've got all kind of fetishes. Fortunately, the fanservice in Nisemonogatari is classy. But still, porn is porn. It's hard not to classified Nisemonogatari as a smut anime. A smut with plot. And toothbrush.

Honestly at this point I don't know what I'm trying to say anymore. It's hard to describe what exactly I like about this show. Yet, I like it so much. I laughed and raged during the time I watch Nisemonogatari. I curse Araragi everytime I jelly of him. I HHHNNGG'd everytime I heard Shinobu talked. I smile everytime I see Hitagi. Damn, there's so much love for this anime I can't even contain it using words..

Dayum, aren't she a hot babe!
Okay, time to end this nonsense post. Overall, I really, really, really like Nisemonogatari. I always look forward to watch it on Sunday. Now it's kinda sad that there's no more of it. I'm gonna miss the characters a lot. Well, we all know that Nisio Isin is planning to make all his works adapted to anime so let's hoping for Nekomonogatari (the next volume) anime next year! Also, the Kizumonogatari movie, because we'll eventually watch the BD release anyway. Speaking of Kizumonogatari, I'm currently in the middle of reading the novel and I promise I'll finish it this time. I think that's all that I need to write. See you again, Nisemonogatari!


  1. "the lovely Hanekawa", absolutely agree!!! >3<

    Goodbye Nisemonogatari T_T

  2. mau tanya, kizunomogatari movie itu udah bener-bener fix musim panas ini belum?

  3. @Anon
    Ya, Kizumonogatari bakal tayang di Jepang pada musim panas ini. Tapi BD/DVDnya baru bakal rilis kemungkinan tahun depan.