Black★Rock Shooter 04 & 05

Okay, I admit I don't understand what the heck happened. But hell, BRS keeps entertain me so far, I don't see why I should not continue watching this anime.

So it is true that Saya-sensei is the villain here. Just look at those rather big hands of her. Still, what is her motive? Why is she keep abusing teenage girls? Why is she dislike coffee?

Now that she's changed, Kagari is pretty hawt. I do wonder why she can walk like nothing happened despite she was using wheelchair a few episode ago.

...there is no shadow of Yu. What's the meaning of this? Though, I can at least picture something: she isn't human! How shocking! Probably she's a ghost or some extraterrestrial being and shit. We still don't know. The only thing we know is she can transform Mato into Black Rock Shooter so she may be from the same planet as Kyubey.

Wait, I just thought a great idea.. What if they remake BRS as a mahou shoujo anime? That will be so cool. Mato will transform into BRS at night and she'll compete with other mahou shoujos to defeat monster-of-the-week! Brilliant idea! Should Ordet make a new BRS anime they ought to hire me as a writer. I will definitely save anime.


  1. If you look at all the previous scenes with Yu, she didn't have a shadow there either. And the animators were careful to give everyone else shadows.

    Sneaky evil people.

  2. Oh wow, it's true! I didn't notice that before.

  3. Yep. Also, the ONLY people that Yu talks to are people with Otherselves. Everyone else pays no attention to her.

    Normal people CAN'T SEE HER. So when they're staring at Mato and Yu talking to each other, they're looking at Mato acting weird.