Guilty Crown 22 (End)

Thank god, it's finally over.

Guilty Crown will be always remembered as the dark side of noitaminA and anime industry in general. Looking back at the start of Fall 2011, I was pretty hyped with this anime. And you were probably hyped too. Looking at the staff lists, there're some notable names such as director of Death Note, redjuice and even ryo. The premise was pretty promising. Nothing seemed to go wrong at that moment.

And then the first episode came out, I sensed some similarity with Code Geass but too bad the main character wasn't appealing to me. I still forgave the show at that time, wishing it will improve. Several episodes later, everything just went full retard. There's just too much stupidity in the anime I lost the count. And I went like, "Fuck it, I dropped this shit right away." But the week after that, I found myself watching the latest episode while still cursing the badly written plot. I finally knew that feel: You drop Guilty Crown every week just to pick it up again in the next week.

After that point, I didn't care anymore. I watch the shit for its hilarious and trainwrecked comedy. I knew I wasn't the only one who felt like that. I read people trash-talking about Guilty Crown on Twitter and Facebook everyweek, and I always found that laugh-worthy. I always join the discussion about this show only to boil the rage of the butthurted fanboys. It felt really good, man.

In my life I never hate any anime like Guilty Crown. Yet I still wait for the subs to come out every Friday. My mind and body unconsciously do that without my permission. I think I can't forget Guilty Crown any time soon, even if I want to delete my memories about this abominable Japanese animation. No thanks to you Guilty Crown, and fuck you. Fuck you and I hope OH MA SHOE and his co. will go to hell for appearing in this Godforsaken show.

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