Recollection of a Certain Blogger

I actually wanted to write about a few interesting things that catch my attention lately but they ended up too short for different posts so I just crammed them here in a single post. So.. *ahem* let's start.

Watching The Princess and the Pilot
The Princess and the Pilot is... well, a nice movie. It has several cool dogfight scenes and uhh, cool airplanes. So if you like those sort of things, this movie is definitely recommended to watch.

Gyo sucks
Well to be precise, the OVA sucks balls. I just didn't feel the same way as when I read the manga. You see, the horror in the manga is pretty scary and hilarious at the same time. You know, the usual Junji Ito's black humor. The main character in the manga is that guy Tadashi, not his girlfriend. His uncle played an important role more in the manga. There is no tentacle rape in the manga. And, Kaori turned into that fish thing in the end. The manga is awesome. The OVA? Not so much. Also, the OVA needs more GASHUNK.

I wonder if ufotable made this OVA to be more plausible for the mainstream audience. Guys, can't we get a nice (and scary, boo!) horror animu for once? How about somebody makes a short anime adaptation of The Enigma of Amigara Fault? Anyone?

Starting LOGH
It is finally my time for this masterpiece. I know it will be a long and harsh journey but I swear I won't ever back down. Currently already watched 3 episodes, so that's like 107 episodes to go. Well, there was a time when I watched a hundred episodes of Naruto in a week (if only I can turn back time!) so somehow I'm sure I can pull this off.

...The main problem is, downloading all those episodes is a pain in the arse with my crappy internet connection. It sucks to live in the third world.

Smile Precure is the miracle of the universe
Before you shouted, "wait what?" Let me clarify it: yes, I watch Smile Precure. One day a devil showed up next to me and whispered to my ear, "Watch Smile Precure. It's the best thing you'll ever watch in your entire life" or something like that (o hai bro fallendevil!) so I went to the nearest download site and grabbed all the available episodes like there is no tomorrow. And I watched it. I watched it and I couldn't stop. When I came into sense again I had finished all the five available episodes I begged for more Precure. At that point I realized I've eaten the forbidden fruit. I know I shouldn't get excited when watching a cartoon for little girls. But I can't not get excited. This show had everything I love about anime.

Okay, that paragraph was so exagerrated. I love Smile Precure but I don't know how long I can last with this show. But oh well, forget about that, let's enjoy it while it lasted!

(Also, Cure Peace is the best Precure. Just sayin')

supercell new singles
supercell released two new singles, The Everlasting Guilty Crown with chelly on the vocal and Kokuhaku/Bokura no Ashiato which songs sung by koeda. While I admit I'm not really craving into their vocals, I quite like the new singles.

Originally I was on the side of "koeda-hater" as I got confuse with ryo's decision for changing nagi on the vocal with two young vocalists whose name I didn't ever heard of. My Dearest single's B-side wasn't that good (though My Dearest song itself is awesome) and Departures single is rather bland for a supercell work.

However these two singles are somehow a lot better that the previous two. Let's just say it's more appealing to my music taste. I know, the fact that nagi's era in supercell was ended is hard to overcome but here's hoping for those young 'uns koeda and chelly can follow her footsteps. Oh and speaking of nagi...

New nagi x Jun Maeda collaboration album
nagi herself is holding up well with her collaboration with Jun Maeda. Their album titled Owari no Hoshi no Love Song will be released in April. For once, I'd like to buy an original album! There are three PVs of her songs uploaded at YouTube be sure to check them!

Welp, the post seems longer than I expected. Oh well who cares anyway. No one reads this post I'm sure. Oh, and if you happen to read this post (which is unlikely) then thank you very much for taking your time and see you in the next post in this lovely blog!


  1. Oh, now that you mention it, I haven't got my hands on Pilot and Princess. Better get this quick.

    Gyo, god, are you implying that the mango is lot worse?! I should put this in my log

    LOGH> I also put this in my log. After I finish all gundam series, I condider buying it rather than download it. It's freaking huge, and I don't have time.

    Though I'm not hardcore fan of Precure (before) SMILE is AWESOME!! Gotta watch it secretly though. I'm not like My Little Ponnies fag who declare that they fap like rabbit to little girl's show

    >supercell, I've got mixed feeling. I still like the lyric and arrangements but then the vocal is... ya know

    Any detailed info on Nagi and Jun's project? The songs is pretty good and made me eargasm like no tomorrow

  2. You'd better be, my son.

    Nooo! I'm implying it's better than the animu. I;m being honest here! Believe me!

    Well, I myself need to watch Gundam sooner or later. When I say Gundam I mean the old day Gundam without emo pilot or something like that.

    I heard Heartcatch is pretty good too. Remind me to watch that someday.

    Yeah bro, I know what you're trying to say about the vocal. Let's just keep it for ourself.

    Apparently the album will be consist of 13 tracks. I found some nice info here

  3. Why must they ruin GYO??? The manga was so awesome la. Damnit. Geez, can't we just get a nice and scary, horror anime for once? :(

  4. Recently, Precure has been really good. And I mean, REALLY good. Um, not that I watch it, anyway. Just FYI.

    BTW, how the hell did you people get LOGH?

  5. @O C
    Yeah, I know it could be better than that. Damn you ufotable, for ruining a good manga.

    It IS good. Period.

    Well, if you feel like torrenting, try BakaBT. There's the complete series on that site. Mind you, it's around 44GB.

  6. Tell us if LOGH is worth it. A certain person who has spent over 300 days watching anime (according to his MAL) told me that LOGH is a masterpiece. I can't really stand those old crappy graphics so I didn't watch it. Make sure you tell us if it's worth a watch after you finish it.

  7. I don't even have to wait until I finish it to tell that LOGH is amazing. And Robert, for the love of Madoka, don't you ever judge anime based solely on its art. Anime is not video game.

  8. The Princess and the Pilot, I only loves the dog fight scene. The story, not much. Also the problem with the Princess voice, I just ...... don't really like her normal voice. Yes, the Princess voice as for me sound too normal. They didn't make it sounds cute/moe.

    For some cases, normal voice work. The example is Hourou Musuko (anime) also Usagi Drop.

  9. i agree that supercell's 2nd single with Koeda is better than their previous single like my dearest, especially kokuhaku. :D

  10. Yeah, I know that what Im doing is wrong but I can't help it. If the plot is nice its definetly worth it! The oldies tend to be better than the new anime in my opinion but I stil can't bring myself to watch them because of the graphics. Im judging the book by its cover and its definetly wrong!

  11. When i heard about Jun maeda, my ears became happy because he produces such wonderful music. His track record doesnt lie he is talented.

  12. So true! I hope his collaboration with Nagi will create a wonderful music as well.