Guilty Crown 20

Behold, we've witnessed the birth of JeShus in this episode.

Welp, the virus came from space. I repeat, it came from the friggin' space. That's not even trying anymore. Everything can happens in the space.

To be honest the episode wasn't bad at all. The flashback scene wasn't as stupid as I thought it would be. That's it until we've back to Oh Ma Shoe and co. So what, they're gonna rescue Inori? That's what we got after we went through 20 episodes? Durr hurr hurr. Well, like I care about the plot anyway. Have this nice raep face instead:


  1. I'll give a serious comment once for a while.

    I kinda hoped that Shu's dad was actually the Scrooge character from the upcoming GC: Lost Christmas game. But as it turns out... err, no.

    Anyway, it's a surprisingly decent episode.

  2. Hmm so Lost Christmas isn't related directly to any character in Guilty Crown?