Black★Rock Shooter 08 (End)

What the fuck happened?

Another noitaminA anime kisses us goodbye and it certainly nothing better than the other show in the same channel (God forbid me to call upon its name). So Black★Rock Shooter. I watched the OVA back then in 2010, it wasn't bad but there was no real selling point to the anime other than the cool fight scenes. The story was rather bland and cliche, but I did like the 'other world personality' concept. So I was hoping the TV series at least can do much better in the story department.

Boy, was I wrong.

First, they changed several character design. Fine. Even though Yomi looks like a granny in that glasses there must be somebody with megane moe that can appreciates that kind of thing. Then they introduced new characters. Uhh, I guess it's alright as far as she's not annoyDAMN THAT BRAT IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING NO YOU GO HOME AND EAT YOUR FUCKING MACARONS YOU FUCKER. Yeah, to make the story longer you need to add some important side characters right. After several episodes I realized something: the story didn't even make sense at all.

So there is a girl who fights in the other world to endure your pain and psychological pressure. Or something like that. And this girl must have a silly name like Black Rock Shooter, Black Gold Saw, or SUTORENGUSU. They fight each other with big weapons in the middle of apocalypse bathroom. The catch is, if the girls lose you will be free of your problem. What the hell.

The drama part was irritating as well. BAWW SHE'S PLAYING BASKETBALL WITH OTHER GIRL SHE MUST BE HATE ME NOW. HURR DURR I CAN'T MAKE ANY FRIENDS OTHER THAN YOU PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE. God, if anyone doesn't see that as "forced drama" I don't know what is.

But I finished it anyway, there's no remorse. I cannot recommend this show to anyone other than those people who enjoys terribad anime. I doubt they're gonna like the show though.


  1. That's funny. I didn't watch it. But some of my pals actually recommended it. Nothing really interesting for other than it's visuals though. But I guess I'll still check it out.