Mirai Nikki 22

Soooooo gaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Hell yea, Mirai Nikki is back being awesome once again! No, it isn't related with the kissing scene between Yukkii and Akise, I swear. Let me show you why this episode kicks ass:
That is Akise Aru's head, after being decapitated by Yuno using a combat knife. Really awesome. I remember this chapter in the manga is one of my favorite chapters. Too bad the anime used censorship so I guess we need to wait for the BD to see this scene uncensored.

The part where Yukkii massacred all his friends was kinda heartbreaking too (oh lawdy me.) Also, he wrote the names of all the person he killed in a note, haha such a funny boy. Man, I can't wait for the trainwreck episode that will follow this episode. I'm not worried that Nichibros will end next week because Mirai Nikki's hilarity is second to none.


  1. I kind of feel bad for Akise. Also, this whole episode I felt like punching Yuno. She's so annyoing~ >.<

  2. This episode very insane!!! blood everywhere!!!

    Seriously, Yuno made me scared. I'm very curious what will happen in the next episode, because the remaining diary users only Yuno and Yukki.

  3. @roberttene
    Ahaha, you're a fan of Akise, right?

    They will make out in the next episode.

  4. akise made ​​a smart impression. only his negotiations in this episode .. were a bit confusing .. especially that kiss T.T

  5. There's no need to be confuse. He's gay.