~After the Juvenile~

I can't get any better picture than this I guess :\
Eh I didn't know that Onani Master Kurosawa has a light novel version which is titled "Catcher in the Toilet". But that's another story for now, because what I want to talk about is the novel "Onani Master Kurosawa ~After the Juvenile~" that takes place two years after the school trip they took in middle school. Yes, this was released by a certain scanlation group back then in 2009, but at that time I wasn't aware of this nor the manga version.

I prefer Kurosawa x Takigawa shipping but Sugawa isn't bad too
I found this novel when I was re-read the manga version a few days ago. Then somebody told me that it actually has a novel version which he said has a true ending to the manga. I read it and I swear to God it was good. The story is kinda sad but heartwarming. It reminds me of my high school experience and how you should treasure your dear friends. The drama content was great as usual. Yeah, this is a great way to end the story from the manga.

You can read the translation here and there. Or if you prefer the pdf version here. All credit goes without saying to this great translator. Thanks for your hard work!

This is my favorite quote that I can related to:
This happy times will come to an end someday. A dream like today, in which we were all able to line up and take a picture together will not be possible in the future. That fact made me feel even more lonely than usual.


  1. I read the manga back in 2009 when Emergency Exit scans still was translating it. Never knew that a novel came after that. Thanks for sharing the info! I plan on reading it on the train tomorrow.

  2. Do you know where I can find the light novel version "catcher in the toilet?"

  3. No, it hasn't been translated yet. But if you want to buy the Japanese version you can go to Amazon.co.jp