Homura's Time Loops


Holy Mother of God, my head was blown because the awesomeness of Madoka episode 10. Once again the speculah was proven to be true. Homura is really a time traveler and all this time she actually repeated all the events -ala Endless Eight- in order to prevent Madoka from being a Puella Magi. While this is not an unexpected development but still, I was a little shocked when realized the truth.

So far Homura has already loop four times with the current timeline being the fourth.

Original timeline
Homura is a shy, bespectacled girl.
Madoka is already becoming a Puella Magi (and looks like a pro too).
Mami died when fighting with Walpurgis Night.
Madoka died, but not transformed into a witch.
Homura forms contract with Kyubey thus becomes a Puella Magi.
Homura gains a power that can control time.
Homura loops the time.

1st Loop
Homura is still a n00b Puella Magi.
Homura teams up with Madoka and Mami to defeat the seifuku witch.
Madoka died and transformed into a witch.
Homura loops the time.

2nd Loop
Homura realizes that Kyubey is evil and she told the rest of Puella Magis.
Sayaka is a Puella Magi, and so is Kyoko.
Sayaka becomes a witch.
Homura kills Sayaka witch.
Mami goes batshit insane and kills Kyoko.
Madoka kills Mami.
Madoka and Homura was defeated by Walpurgis Night.
Madoka asks Homura to back to the past and prevent the tragedy happens.
Homura kills Madoka before she become a witch.
Homura loops the time.

3rd Loop (This is the 'dream' from episode one)
Homura is now a pro Puella Magi.
Madoka is not yet a Puella Magi.
Homura fights Walpurgis Night by herself and defeated.
Kyubey, once again tricks Madoka to become a Puella Magi.
Madoka defeats Walpurgis Night in one hit.
Madoka somehow turns into a witch.
Homura loops the time.

4th Loop (The current timeline)
Homura hunts Kyubey and encounters Madoka (event from episode 1)

This episode is without a doubt the most well-written Madoka episode so far. Keep up the good work Urobochi!

tl;dr : Homura is GAR

Edit: Here is the grapical chart of the timeline

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