Iris Zero


Another one exceptional manga I just recently found. Gosh, I'm really being a slowpoke here. So what's this manga all about? It's just your average drama filled high school romance. Girl likes a boy. Except the girl (and other teenagers in this manga) has a supernatural power called "Iris". This Iris power can see something that can't be seen with normal vision. For example one character has iris that can see if a person is lying. Other can sense death. But our poor main character is'nt. He doesn't have an iris so everyone called him "Iris Zero". At this point the manga might sound too similar too Mx0 (which is sadly become sucks). But I told you no, it isn't.

The story is nothing new but it's very intriguing especially the last chapter. One can find the manga is a little too slow paced. Yes I cannot argue with that one. But it's getting more and more interesting later. I challenge you who critized this manga to read all the released chapter before judging it. The main character isn't an usual idiotic shonen type character. Instead he got brain and balls. He is definitely not Shinji Ikari.

As I said before, the latest chapter is one hell of a ride. I thought this manga is just a usual romantic comedy type but boy am I wrong. The tone just got darker as the protagonist appeared. I can't wait for the next chapter. The conclusion is, if you like romantic manga with some twist you have to read this manga. I guarantee you won't disappointed.

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