I Finished Sengoku Rance


Sengoku Rance is an awesome game. And I just finished this awesome game for the first time this morning on Sunday Morning. Feels good man.

I actually started to play this game like, 6 months ago. But I never proceed to finish it. I was just getting into this game again sometimes around last month. Then after that I played this game like there is no tomorrow.

Like I said before I finished this game for the first time, means that it is True History Route. And Sengoku Rance has three (or more) routes added when you finished the game for the first time. The I should play the other routes as well. Btw I proceed to final battle with Xavier at turn 223. Yeah, it was too much. Mainly because I wanted to clear every characters that I could. And I also cleared all the dungeons too.

Women want him, Men want to be him.. well sorta
When we at this let me remind you that Rance 8 is currently in work by Alicesoft. Expect the release date later this year. Well it looks like Rance got himself another slave.

Now, off to the 2nd playthrough.. Hmm what route should I choose this time? Ran IF? Kenshin? Oh wait before that I have to focus on the mid-term next week orz


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    how can i follow this forum?

    i cant find any "Follow" button here -__-

  2. first copy the link from address bar, then in your dashboard, there's "Blogs I'm Following" and click add. Just paste the link there. click next and you're done ^^

  3. This game already gone, burned into DVD. Just as you say, once you play this it very hard to stop. The only way to stop it is remove it from HDD.

    I don't remember how many turn wasted when I playing True History route with clean/ no cheat.

    For other route, I already tired for waiting and collecting gold. Then I found thread at hongfire that gave a link, a cheat engine. Even using cheat, It took me about 2~3 days to finish one route.

  4. I know that feel bro. This game is like the little brother of Civilization in term of addictiveness :D

    I tried as hard as I can not to use cheat engine but who knows maybe I'll use it if I get tired.