Happy Birthday, Maaya!

Today, one of my favorite singer Maaya Sakamoto is celebrating her 31st birthday. Wow she's really getting old, but I still love her from my deepest heart :D. Happy birthday, Maaya-san. May your songs always be sung again.

(On a related note, I just recently finished downloading Maaya Sakamoto 15th Memorial Live - Gift concert. Haven't watched it yet, but I'm sure it's worth my bandwidth. Here is a random screenshot I took from the video)


  1. happy birthday to you maaya-san!! :D
    her performance in concert last year is the best. and don't forget to watch her concert this year too..:D *waiting for raw version*

  2. Why yes, her performance was awesome.
    If there will be another live concert by her i'm sure i'll download it as soon as possible :D